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  • Creating and maintaining websites

    Why does my company need a website? The website is the face of every company.

    Let your website be the face of the professionalism that you are offering.
  • Creating and maintaining a facebook pages

    The Facebook page, as well as the website, should reflect the professionalism of your company.


    Therein lies the power of the social networks and the possibility for a direct communication with your clients, for interaction and for subtle promotion of your values, brands, products and services. 

  • Advertising

    Depending on your needs and resources we offer you the following advice regarding your online advertising.


    Depending on your needs, we advise you on the best way of advertising and on the ways how to reach your target.

    Why advertise online?

    The Internet has brought many unique benefits in the marketing area. The lower price on distribution and media for the global public is one of them. The possibility for only a certain group of people to see your advertisement is another one. Therefore, the budget for a certain campaign is more efficiently used because your advertisement will be seen only by the people that have shown interest in the message that you want to convey. The interactive nature of online marketing, for acquiring an instant response by the public, as well as, for causing their reaction, is this medium’s unique quality. All of this is an advantage of the Internet in relation to the possibilities that TV and the radio offer as media. Our team can offer you a complete online campaign, which is comprised of several services in a package made according to your wishes, needs and budget, as well as the budget’s proper assignment.


    We offer you the possibility to advertise through banners on more than 20 websites simultaneously, with the range of more than 50% of the Internet users in Macedonia. Depending on your needs and your budget, if you need to convey your message or show your advertisement to a large number of people, you can advertise your company on all of the websites. If you want to advertise to a specific target group, you can do it only on certain websites with a certain target. The Web Pool is composed of websites with different target groups which enables us to meet your needs.


    We offer you advertisement through banners on the website for parents who want to improve the quality of raising their children. If the advertisement and the message that you want to convey is intended for parents or people aged 25-45, this is the ideal place for you.


    Use the social networks for your own benefit. Advertise on Facebook with a budget that you will determine, targeted only towards the people that you believe will be interested in what you have to offer. It will give you the possibility to interact with your potential clients as never before.


    Publish your own columns on several websites. Let the readers find out about your brand and the values that you keep through columns on several websites, depending on the target that you are interested in.

  • Web Pool

    Web poll – Macedonian digital marketing network


    Web pool is a digital marketing network consisted of Macedonian websites of different categories, specifically selected to achieve the maximum reach of every socio-demographic group. By leasing an advertisement on the Web Pool, your message will reach more than 50% of all internet users in Macedonia, which is the broadest reach in Macedonia.

    By advertising on Web Pool you get the following benefits:

    1. Online advertising at top positions on more than 20 websites specifically selected to attain the broadest reach of online users

    2. A guaranteed number of achieved impressions and reach of online users

    3. Restriction on impressions per user (min. of 3 times per user during the campaign)

    4. A possibility to show more advertisements on the same position and to retarget

    5. Free statistics for the effectiveness of the advertisements

    6. Analysis of successful clicks and actions (it is necessary to embed a code on the targeted website)

    7. Geographical targeting

    8. Socio-demographic lease of impressions

    What are the advantages of Web Pool in comparison to a fixed lease of banners?

    With a fixed lease you pay a fixed price for the advertisement which is only shown on one website, while on the Web Pool the price depends on the size of the campaign and is shown on more than 20 websites.

    With a fixed lease the banner is continuously shown on the same position and in time the visitors develop a blind spot in relation to that area. By leasing impressions at the same position, more advertisements are shown and that area becomes more attractive to the visitors.

    Through a fixed lease there is no precise supervision of the success of the campaigns. Each website provides a report regarding its traffic which shows an unreal image of the traffic on the campaign because the users that overlap on all websites are not taken into consideration. In the Web Pool the campaign is analyzed from a central place which shows the reach and frequency of the campaign.

    In order to change the creative solution when a fixed lease is used, it takes more time because each website needs to be contacted separately and there is also a possibility for technical problems during the banner placement. In the Web Pool the banners instantly change on all websites that are included in the campaign and also more creative solutions can be shown simultaneously (for example 2 for one city, 2 for another etc.)

  • SEO

    SEO–or Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing your site’s quality and relevance in order to gain more visibility in the search engine pages.


    Whenever you type a certain word or phrase into a search engine such as Google, a list of related pages indexed by the search engine appear. If you’ve ever wondered why certain sites rank higher in the SERPs than others, you can find the answer in the tactics employed by search engine optimizers. Our Formula is: Quality SEO Coding + Quality SEO Content + Quality SEO Links = Quality Results

    WHAT WE OFFER is a list of many of the best practices for SEO as well as more evolved and advanced techniques to guide webmasters and business owners toward better results online:

    - Review of your site content or structure

    - On Site (On-Page) Optimization – Technical enhancements to increase page speed and target the site (and pages) toward specific keywords

    - Social Engagement – Increasing your sites social following and engagement (Google+, Facebook, Twitter and more)

    - Link Building – Gaining backlinks to your site from relevant, authoritative webmasters

    - Local SEO – Google Places optimization services and geo-targeted SEO campaigns for brick and mortar businesses

    - Comment Marketing - Comment on articles on relevant websites and blogs. Leave insightful comments and include links back to your website.

    - Forum Marketing - Be an active member of forums relevant to your industry. Answer questions and show yourself to be knowledgeable and authoritative.

    - Article writing & submission to different online resources.

    - E-mail Advertising

    - Keyword research

    - Google Algorithmn Updates – Staying up to date on recent changes in Google’s updates

    - Reporting & Analysis

  • Hosting services

    With every website that we create for you, you get one year of hosting on our servers.


    But what happens after it expires? We offer you the possibility to keep your website on our servers and by doing that to avoid the problems to find a suitable solution for hosting and transferring your website.

  • Presentation videos

    Are you making a presentation for your associates and clients?


    Let us help you with the making of the presentation videos which will be based on professional photographs and which will have the effect that you want to achieve.

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